To receive applications from qualified candidates for an opening on board your yacht, please send your request to Please be sure to include your contact information, which will be kept completely confidential. We will filter all applications to comply with flag state regulations as well as your personal preferences. Only general information will be posted on our website, while your personal preferences will assist us in filtering out only the BEST possible candidates for you and your yacht. All of your personal information is kept in our office computers not accessible online.


Please include info regarding the position available (salary, license required, nationality restrictions) details of the vessel (name, size / build, flag registry) and your planned itinerary (current location, cruising destination, private / charter). The more personal preferences you provide, the better match we can make! It is also helpful to know your current crew configuration to try to match the predominate languages and age ranges for an optimal fit. Please keep in mind the starting salary that you offer will greatly determine the level of candidates who will be interested in the position being offered. 



Florida / Caribbean  +1 954 762 7628


Vancouver / Pacific  +1 604 990 9901



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