Daywork & Deliveries

Getting connected in yachting

When dock-walking for day-work dress prepared to work in a polo shirt and shorts or pants that you don't mind getting dirty (in case you end up in the bilge). Just like an interview, always ask permission and remove your footwear before boarding any vessel. The easiest place to find day work are shipyards and dry docks where boats are being painted, refit or simply getting ready for the next season. Occasionally crew will take holidays or leave permanently while the yacht is in the yard and captains are always happy to have extra hands when they have a large project or their season is starting soon and they need to finish on schedule. 

Day working is a great way to find a permanent position on yachts. Many captains like to observe your skills and work ethic before they hire permanently, and this gives them an opportunity to observe how you "fit in" with the rest of the crew as well. This is a chance to prove you are hard working and a good listener. Always perform the task the way you are instructed by the officer in charge, and ask if you have any questions (in case they want a quick cleanup and not thorough detailing for two or three hours). When you complete your task clean up your work space well and then find your supervisor right away. If a captain is really impressed they will make room for you on board or even refer you to a friend who is looking for crew.

There are thousands of Captains worldwide who do deliveries full-time and have registered companies. Many of them work with yacht brokers who usually use a handful of the same captains again and again to move their boats around for boat shows or during the change of seasons. Deliveries may be arranged last minute and the captain's regular crew may not be available, so delivery captains / companies are often in need of extra crew. Delivery positions are only temporary however for the yachting newcomer this is an excellent way to obtain references and experience.