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Request for Captain and Crew Candidates

To receive candidate CVs by email please send your request to

Only general information of the position will be posted and all of your personal / contact information will be kept confidential. Please include the yacht size, build and flag to ensure that all candidates will comply with your vessel's crew regulations. Include the minimum license required (if applicable) and your current location and destination. Please keep in mind the starting salary that you offer greatly determines the calibre of candidates!

To make a perfect match it is helpful to know your current crew configuration and a brief outline of their duties. We will confirm all references provided by candidates and filter applications to meet ALL of your personal preferences. Yacht Crew Register is MLC compliant and meets all requirements of the 2006 Maritime Labour Convention.


To speak directly to our recruiting department regarding candidates available to hire please call:

+1 604 990 9901 Pacific 

+1 954 762 7628 Atlantic

Skype: yachtcrew